Sunday, April 19, 2009

Everything Is Wonderful

Hi Everyone!
Mom and I have been home since Thursday afternoon and to sum up is wonderful! I have been a mom for 10 days and it is great. Megan Sabrina is an absolutly wonderful child. She has the best personality and is very happy. She seems very smart and able to catch on to new things after you show her how to do something a couple of times. She loves to laugh and play and she loves Georgia Girl. Georgia Girl is very good with her, but is a little jealous. Megan loves her Gran and Pap and generally doesn't meet a stranger. We went to church today and she became the center of attention! The only times Megan gets upset is when you try to take something from her without "exchanging" it or at bathtime. Let me say that "upset" at bathtime is a gross understatement. She gets frantic and screams bloody murder. I was afraid that the police would come in Moscow to arrest me for abuse. I don't know what they did to her at the babyhouse, but she is very scared of water. We have tried, a bath, a shower, the sink, the tub, a little water, lots of water, and toys of all kinds, and nothing works! I thought she did better last night and was excited about tonight, but tonight was terrible. Maybe it will get better this week.
I know many people would like to know about the "flight from hell". Well, Megan was an "angel", ten of the twelve hours. There was another child on the flight that was the complete opposite. I felt sorry for his parents and everyone sitting around him.
We go tomorrow for our first medical exam and I am interested in hearing what the doctor has the say.
We are going to "keep it low keyed" this week and stay home together most days.
I will try to keep you posted on how she is doing.
Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers!
Michelle and Megan

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